Bullet journals; not just for show

I'm a sucker for a good set of organizational skills. Like a child, or a dog, I like routines and structure that work like compasses. Something that really helps me stay efficient even when I don't really feel like it - and especially when I don't know where to begin - is neatly going over my lists. These lists are all found in my trusted bullet journal.

God’s Fingernail, part three

Armstrong and others point out that if the origin of the soul is postulated by dualism in the continuum of biological evolution, it is difficult to identify the source of such a dramatic leap in the progress of evolution, difficult also to locate a moment when this leap took place given the data available about the rise of species.
/ Richard J. Bernier

God’s Fingernail, part one

The Rag Doll Theory is simply enough explained. It’s the idea that everyone belongs somewhere, despite how torn, lost and shredded one may feel. Every person belongs to a number of other people. As we all originate from the same organisms, we belong together despite the ocean of time and evolution that has passed, since we shared the same source.